Lunch Specials in Washington County MD 2/14/23

Lunch Specials including Cajun Tri Tip Wrap, Taco deals, chicken salad sandwiches, soup special, and more in , Funkstown MD, Hancock MD, Clear Spring MD, and Hagerstown MD.

Lunch Specials in Washington County MD

February 14, 2023

Battleview Market

Hogmaw with one side, roll and butter.
Sharpsburg MD

40 West Deli

Rueben sandwich, Side of coleslaw or potato salad, Can of pop. $10
Soup: Beef Vegetable
Hagerstown MD

Rik's Cafe

BLTO with plum chutney.
Hagerstown MD

Mike's Tavern

Cajun Tri Tip Wrap. With lettuce, tomato, and pepper jack. Hagerstown MD

The Ice Cream Shop

Chicken Salad Sandwich, Chips & Soda. $9
Chicken Salad Sandwich. $5
Hagerstown MD

Sweetsies' Eats & Treats

Taco Salad and a Drink. $7.75
Walking Tacos $3.25
Two hard or soft tacos. $4.75
Chicken Noodle Soup available in cup, bowl, or quart.
Near the Hagerstown Speedway. Clear Spring MD

Krazy Rayz BBQ

AYCE Tacos and a drink. $ 7.25 Hancock MD

Stonebridge Pizzeria & Pub

Patty Melt with Fries
Soups: Chili, Cream of Crab.
Funkstown MD

Food Trucks in Washington County MD

Bella's Bites

Waffle Desserts. $10
The Barn at the View 14113 Pennsylvania Ave, 11 am to 2 pm