Lunch Specials in Washington County MD 06/13/2023

Lunch Specials including Taco Specials such as AYCE Tacos and Walking Tacos. Other specials include chicken salad wrap, shrimp and fries, cold cut hoagie, Yardbird Orchard Wrap, and more in Smithsburg MD, Funkstown MD, Hancock MD, Clear Spring MD, and Hagerstown MD.

40 West Deli  

Grilled cheese, cup of soup, $6.50
8 inch cold cut hoagie, bag of chips, Can of pop $10
Hagerstown MD on Historic Route 40

Foster's On The Point

Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich and Fries. $12
11 am to 4 pm Hagerstown MD

Stonebridge Pizzeria & Pub  

Boom Boon Chicken Sandwich with Fries.
in Funkstown MD

Triangle Restaurant & Lounge  

Shrimp & Fries. $9.99
Spaghetti & Salad. $9.99
Hanock MD

The Broad Axe 

Fried Zucchini Bites: panko fried zucchini, basil pesto aioli, cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction
Yardbird Orchard Wrap: grilled chicken, thai bbq sauce, gala apples, red cabbage slaw, scallions, spinach
Veggie Macaroni Salad: peas, carrots, broccoli, onion, tomatoes, creamy pasta
Hagerstown MD 

Trackside Kitchen 

Fried Donuts
Smithsburg MD

Bulls and Bears Pub  

½ Price appetizers
Hagerstown MD Art & Entertainment District

Mike's Tavern  

Chicken Salad  Wrap
Hagerstown MD

Taco Specials

Krazy Rayz BBQ 

AYCE Tacos & Drink.  $7.25
Near the Hagerstown Speedway. Hancock MD

Sweetsies' Eats & Treats   

Taco Salad and a drink. $ 7.75
Two hard or soft tacos. $ 4.75
Walking taco. $ 3.25
Near the Hagerstown Speedway. Clear Spring MD