Lunch Specials in Washington County MD November 09, 2023

Lunch Specials in Washington County MD such as sub specials: meatball, steamer, pulled chicken, and cold-cut. Other specials include lasagna, country fried steak dinner, burrito, Krauspätzle, Hot turkey sandwich, Seared salmon, homemade mac & cheese, and more in Clear Spring MD, Smithsburg MD, Funkstown MD, Hancock MD, Sharpsburg MD, and Hagerstown Arts Entertainment District in Hagerstown MD

Battleview Market  

1/2 meatball with fries $8.99
Sharpsburg MD

Stonebridge Pizzeria & Pub 

1/2 Steamer Sub and fries. $10.99
in Funkstown MD

Ernst Market 

1.) Two-piece country fried steak dinner. $8.99
2.) One-piece country fried steak dinner. $7.99
Clear Spring MD

Sweetsies' Eats & Treats 

1) Hot dog or cheeseburger, baked beans, mac & cheese, applesauce, and drink. $10.00
2.) Homemade mac & cheese, $3
Beef Rice Soup: Cup $3.50, Bowl $4.50, Quart 10.15
Near the Hagerstown Speedway. Clear Spring MD

Trackside Kitchen

Lasagna with two sides. $ 7.99
Smithsburg MD

Krazy Rayz BBQ 

Pulled chicken sub with buffalo wing sauce, garlic parm sauce, with provolone cheese, fries, drink. $10.25
Hancock MD

Rik's Cafe 

Salmon Cake BLT served on a onion roll topped with spring mix, tomato, bacon, and a cream cheese plum chutney.
Hagerstown MD .

The Broad Axe  

Seared salmon over dueling mashed potatoes (regular & sweet potato) with charred green beans, herbed celery and tomato ensalada, dijon aioli and fried mushrooms.
in Hagerstown MD, Hagerstown Arts & Entertainment District.

Mike's Tavern  

Hot turkey sandwich with fries and gravy
Hagerstown MD .

The Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant  

Krauspätzle: Spätzle with bacon, onion, sauerkraut, served with lettuce salad and your choice of house or balsamic dressing. $14
11 am to 2:30 pm in Hagerstown MD, Hagerstown Arts & Entertainment District.

Sardi's Chicken

Thanksgiving Platter: Roasted turkey, crisp green beans, sweet corn, creamy mashed potatoes, rich gravy, and tangy cranberry sauce. $15
In Hagerstown MD 

Zach Greenlee’s Fireside Restaurant & Lounge

$10.99 lunch deal: BBQ bacon burger, Mushroom Swiss burger, boneless wings, Buffalo chicken cheddar sandwich, grilled chicken Cajun wrap, open faced hot roast beef sandwich, fish & chips.
Near the Valley Mall in Hagerstown MD

the 301 

$7.00 burritos
in Liberty Gas Station,
Sharpsburg Pike Hagerstown MD

40 West Deli

1.) 8 in. cold cut hoagie, cup of soup. $10
2.) Cheeseburger, cup of soup, can of pop. $10
3.) Cheeseburger, chips, can of pop. $8
Soup: beef noodle or beef vegetable
In Hagerstown MD