Lunch Specials in Washington County MD October 31, 2023

Lunch Specials including ham club, 7 Pepper Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich, Two-piece cubed steak, sticky buns, Chicken quesadilla, Seared scallop & 4 oz filet, potato bowl, and more in Smithsburg MD, Funkstown MD, Sharpsburg MD, Clear Spring MD, and Hagerstown MD, including the Hagerstown Art's & Entertainment District.

40 West Deli 

1.) Chicken salad sandwich, cup of soup. $8.50
2.) Ham club, chips, can of pop. $10
Soup: chicken rice and chicken noodle soup
Hagerstown MD,

Rik's Cafe

7 Pepper Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich served on Brioche with Lettuce, Tomato, and Pickled Onion
Hagerstown MD, at South End Shopping Cente

La Trattoria

Large cheese pizza $9.00. Toppings $2.29
Hagerstown MD,

Trackside Kitchen

Sticky Buns
Smithsburg MD

Ernst Market  

1.) Chicken liver and gizzard dinner. $7.49
2.) Two-piece cubed steak in gravy dinner. $8.99
Clear Spring MD

The Broad Axe

Seared scallop & 4 oz filet over butternut squash & potato purée with toasted almonds, potato straws and crispy sage leaf and a balsamic glaze reduction.
Hagerstown MD in
Hagerstown Art's & Entertainment District

Battleview Market 

Potato Bowl: Mashed potatoes, chicken tenders, corn, and gravy. $ 7.99
Sharpsburg MD

Stonebridge Pizzeria & Pub 

Chicken quesadilla
in Funkstown MD

Sweetsies' Eats & Treats  

Taco Salad and a drink. $ 8.25
Two hard or soft tacos. $ 5.00
Walking taco. $ 3.50
Near the Hagerstown Speedway. Clear Spring MD